Live transcription of our talks can bring some of SRCCON:WORK to you.

SRCCON:WORK is an intentionally small event, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place there into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return home and put their new skills and approaches to work, but we also document extensively.


Live transcriptions of all our talks at SRCCON:WORK are below. We also transcribed several sessions, and will publish some of those here or alongside writeups on Source in the coming weeks.


9:30amWelcome to SRCCON:WORK
10amSRCCON:WORK Talks: Sydette Harry
10:15amSRCCON:WORK Talks: Disha Raychaudhuri
10:45-11:45amSmall things you can do to attract a more diverse pool of job candidates TODAY
12:15-1:15pmA mentor will get you coffee. A sponsor will get you a promotion.
2:45pmSRCCON:WORK Talks: Erin Brown
3pmSRCCON:WORK Talks: Christine Stapleton


10amSRCCON:WORK Talks: Mandy Brown
10:15amSRCCON:WORK Talks: Jessica Morrison
2:45pmSRCCON:WORK Talks: Nicole Zhu & David Yee
3pmSRCCON:WORK Talks: Sisi Wei
3:30-4:30pmThe starting a new job survival kit


In the leadup to SRCCON:WORK, we’re featuring Q&As with our conference speakers. We’ll be publishing session writeups, resource lists, and more on Source over the next few months—hop on the Source newsletter if you’d like a digest of those links, plus highlights from the community, as they come out.