If we’re going to transform newsroom code and culture, we need to invest in the people who do the work.

SRCCON:WORK is a brand new event for 2017, a small conference that digs deeply into how we as a community take care of each other and take on the hard work of journalism. It builds on the collaborative, peer-driven conference SRCCON, where over four years we have brought hundreds of members of the news-code community together for hands-on sessions exploring the cultural and technical ideas that push journalism forward.

SRCCON:WORK recognizes that technical work is done by people, and supporting those people can have a transformative effect in newsrooms. This is not a conference about javascript or python, machine learning or mapping. It’s a conference for the human beings who use those tools, and who want to develop personal and organizational practices that help them make the most of their skills.

This is a conference about…

When & where

December 7-8 in Philadelphia, at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (site of SRCCON 2014).

How will it work?

SRCCON:WORK is a two-day conference for about 100 people. We’ll gather everyone in the same room for a series of focused talks, each followed by a set of smaller discussions and workshops that build on the topics they raise.

Who is it for?

How much does it cost?

Tickets will be $195.

What’s next?

We’ll open a call for proposals on Wednesday, Sept. 6, and work with you to build a program that answers needs throughout our community. Stay in touch by signing up for our mailing list.