The SRCCON:WORK program

Through talks, conversations, and collaborative sessions, we'll take on ideas that can transform our newsrooms.

SRCCON:WORK will focus on careers, teamwork, and care, and how these themes intersect in making journalism more inclusive and responsive. During our conference Dec. 7 & 8 in Philadelphia, each part of the schedule will begin with a pair of 10-minute talks that push us to do the hard work it takes to make newsrooms better. The SRCCON:WORK program is also participatory at its core, through hands-on sessions that dig into our conference themes.


This is a small conference, and we want to take advantage of that intimacy with moments where we share an experience as a full audience. We’ve invited talks driven by our community’s experience and values. We want them to challenge us as a group, then send us into breakout sessions full of new ideas.

Here are the talks we’ve confirmed so far.


Sessions at SRCCON events are different than those at most conferences. This part of the program is highly collaborative: an opportunity to compare notes, share skills, and take advantage of every attendee’s expertise. We’ll be taking part in:

Here’s the list of sessions on our program so far.