We offer free childcare for the duration of the SRCCON:WORK program and welcome families of all sizes.

Registration for childcare is now closed.

We are offering free childcare throughout the full SRCCON:WORK schedule (including Thursday dinner). Our providers are the wonderful KiddieCorp team, whom we welcome back for the fourth time.

Our care providers

Staff-to-child ratios range from 1:2 for children 6-11 months to 1:7 for children aged 6-12 years, and KiddieCorp will work with SRCCON organizers to handle registration and logistics so your kid(s) can have a great time while you’re conferencing. All caregivers act as employees of KiddieCorp (not contractors) and are recruited from local licensed daycare centers, elementary schools, preschools, and collegiate departments of early childhood education.

Two of our own staff members have had their young children happily in KiddieCorp’s care over the last three SRCCONs and we were all impressed by the thoughtfulness they brought to every aspect of their services.


Childcare will take place at the conference hotel, which is a few blocks away from the conference venue. Registration is now closed. You can learn more about KiddieCorp’s staffing and security procedures.

Childcare at SRCCON:WORK is made possible by Democracy Fund