Care & Support at SRCCON:WORK

Taking care of each other and ourselves.

SRCCON SAFETY HELPLINE: If you would like any support after the event, please email us at

The spirit of generosity that animates this community is a big part of what lead to SRCCON and this version of SRCCON in particular. We heard again and again that folks wanted to have space to share with and support one another. We know we’re going to be tackling some challenging topics over these two days, so we wanted to share some reminders about making sure you can take care of yourself, while you take care of each other.

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of each other

We hope you’re feeling an openness to taking care of your own needs as the priority here. We hope with your own feeling of care and nourishment, that will also open up space to take care of each other as well.

Inviting others into your conversation

When telling us why y’all wanted to come to SRCCON:WORK, many of y’all told us you wanted to meet others who were also working on making change in your newsrooms and teams.


As an event on community and care, you might want to discuss intimate, sensitive or distressing topics. But please keep in mind two basic principles of disclosure:

If you feel that another SRCCON:WORK attendee is inappropriately relying on other attendees for emotional or mental health support, please contact an OpenNews organizer (we are in blue t-shirts).

The Support Team

We will have a support team on call if—for any reason—you would like to take a moment to process something that comes up anytime during the conference. You can find anyone wearing a SRCCON:WORK t-shirt or text the safety helpline (on the back of your conference badge) and a support team member will come find you.

Both the support and safety team are available all day Thursday, through the evening, and until closing on Friday. While we are not equipped to be your therapist, we are here for you.


Thank you to the AdaCampToolkit for conference self-care for inspiring these ground rules and Allied Media Conference for inspiring our support team.